Freida Pinto non nude

Freida Pinto is so hot that she makes even slicing pommegranate look sexy! This sultry Bollywood model and actress sizzles in a sexy photo shoot while wearing high-heels and a short dress. Check out those legs on the alluring Slumdog Millionaire actress- they seem to, like, go on forever.
Sexy import Freida Pinto nonnude and looking provocative in a sensual photoshoot

While Slumdog Millionaire brought Freida Pinto and her boyfriend Dev Patel international fame, the non-stop coverage has begun to bring her down: “I felt like people almost got fed up with seeing our faces splattered all over the place,” said the Indian hottie, “I was like, ‘Damn it! I’m not going to get anything serious after Slumdog Millionaire!” To see more of sexy Bollywood import Freida Pinto nonnude and looking provocative in a sensual photoshoot, head on over to Hot Sexy Celebs.

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Lucy Liu non nude

Everytime I see Lucy Liu’s unimaginably smooth angelic face, I am always brought back to her Ally Mcbeal days, where she introduced to the world the stereotypical Dragon Lady. She was already bursting with crazy hot sex appeal, having all the boys want to grab a piece of that sexy oriental ass. And then she had to be the sexy villain in Kill Bill and then as the ferocious crime-fighting Alex in Charlie’s Angels.
Sexy Lucy Liu nonnude and strip dancing onstage in a sailor outfit

And now, this Asian-American actress stars as your typical woman seeking her Prince Charming in “Marry Me,” a rom-com made-for-TV movie. Well, I wouldn’t be shocked if a ton of guys start hammering up her door begging for a shot at being her possible prince charming. Just look at these raunchy non-nude pictures of her and you’ll soon be raking up all your savings to get her a pretty diamond ring, ready to prop down on one knee and pop the big question. But don’t get your hopes up. And if I were you, I’d satisfy myself with these non nude pictures of Lucy Liu with her tits dying to come out and her butt looking as buff as ever. It might be from all those kick-ass films she’s been in. But anyway, she’s still one mean oriental chick I’d want on my bed every night.

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Rebecca Romijn non nude

Before being Alexis Mead, a male-to female transsexual in the TV series Ugly Betty, and the shapeshifter Mystique in the film series X-Men, Rebecca Romijin was a supermodel who adorned the covers of Sports Illustrated, Maxim and FHM.
Rebecca Romijn nonnude in a tight bikini and showing her fresh and tasty breasts

And ever since her modelling days, she has got me totally addicted on her six-pack abs, well-toned thighs and that very defined cleavage. Just look at these non-nude screenshot of her and you’ll know what I mean. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up to her and feel those momma jugs poking your face as you lose yourself in them? I’d want to bury myself in those sweet pair of glorious tits, while hearing her moaning with every heave and shove my hands make as I roam around that sweet sexy body. And before I am carried away, let me leave you to your own syrupy fantasies with these raunchy non nude pictures of Rebecca Romijin. Help yourselves.

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Katy Perry non nude

A lot of hearts got shattered by this “Fireworks” singer Katy Perry when she finally got married last October. I knew I heard mine clank into a tiny million pieces.
Katy Perry nonnude and showing cleavage in tight latex outfits while performing

But obviously, not as tiny as the dress she had on one of her performances onstage. And seeing these sexy non nude pictures of her just made me wipe the tears off my eyes and I knew that she might still be up for some racy behind the scenes scene if her hubby isn’t around. In this case, straddling the guitar or stooping down to show her popping tits to the crowd is her way of playing around. And do play my dear Katy. Your fans would want to see more of you yummy smoking hot body scantily clad on stage. I mean, your fans would want to hear more of your inevitable hot gasps and moans on stage. I mean, your fans would want to hear more of your songs about kissing girls and boys alike on stage. I mean, well what the heck, we just want to see you almost naked on stage, singing is surely an option.

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Miley Cyrus non nude

You really have to thank the sluts responsible for Miley Cyrus’ wardrobe for she apparently has learned a thing or two from donning all that skimpy scanty outfits: it doesn’t matter.
Sexy Disney birthday slut Miley Cyrus nonnude and selfshooting in her bathroom

And yes, it doesn’t matter to the public whether her boobs are almost showing or her ass is already so up in everyone’s faces. Everyone loves to juice out all the nakedness they can in a teen pop superstar. Luckily for us, Miley is one very willing slut. Even as she was just taking out her dog for some pet bonding-slash-shopping, Miley looked every bit as sexy with her mini skirt, white bra and see through shirt. Now I don’t know what it is with fashion these days that they make shirts that look like somebody’s torn the back side of it, but hey, I’m not one to argue. As long as I get to glimpse more of Miley Cyrus’ smooth silky skin, I’m up for whatever she wants to wear. She’s already old enough to choose for herself. So what about it, birthday girl, eh? We’ll be waiting for your not so non nude scandals soon, right?

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Britney Spears nonnude during a dance routine

Who in the entire planet has not heard of the Pop Princess Britney Spears? Nada? Okay then, we can trip the formalities and head on to the juicy bits. And her still perfect body, in fact.
Sexy popstar Britney Spears nonnude and shaking her body during a dance routine

Britney is a picture of young, fresh and smoking at a recent pictorial. Most, if not all, people don’t really look the least bit attractive if clad in stunningly bright orange boots but this young mom of two had no trouble at all looking every bit as gorgeous as when I first laid my eyes on her music video. Her body is still in a smoking hot state, definitely alluring in all the right curves. She still has the yummiest pair of legs, as well as that perfect pair of tits, all rounded to perfection. And her seductive face with that whorish pout are enough for me to snatch another one of her albums, if her label decides to produce another. Fortunately, co-executive producer Dr. Luke discloses that a new Britney album is set to come out Spring 2011. So let’s all go down on our knees now and pray we get more of her scantily clad and gyrating wildly in her music videos.

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Paris Hilton nonnude in a pink bikini

Everyone’s favorite socialite is at it again. Paris Hilton is spied here with her new adorable pint-sized pup, which she recently took out for a little dog pampering. And shopping for her canine friends are just one of the things that keep her occupied. She also had to strut in another outdoor runway wearing a hot pink bikini, parading her sexy tanned body.
Paris Hilton nonnude in a pink bikini while on a day out with her baby chihuahua

It’s not always we see non-nude pictures of this Hollywood heiress, but even with her clothes on, she still managed to look every bit as smoking as ever, which is always a plus. Come to think of it, a more defined body with tight abs and a few bits of flesh on her arm did her good. I’d love to glide my hands up and down that tight ass. And I’d definitely give anything up just for a feel of those smooth silky legs that seemed to go on longer every time a new picture is taken of her. Although I do have to wonder, with the amount of cleavage she has here, did she get a boob job? Yes? No? Well, go on then and continue your guesses whether or not Paris Hilton has done anything to get that sexy pair of perky tits by thumbing through these bikini-clad pictures of her. Although I really wouldn’t mind stealing a feel to know if they are for real.

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Kim Kardashian nonnude in a blue bikini

Reality TV’s hottest star Kim Kardashian poses for another irresistible photoshoot. Clad in sexy colorful bikinis, Kim teases us in these playful non nude pictures at the Sierra Mist Beach House in Malibu.
Kim Kardashian nonnude in a blue bikini and getting soaked in sun and water

No wonder everyone is trying to grab a hold of this sexy star to pair their products with. Kim knows how to have fun and play around as we see her munching on a watermelon as juicy as her big boobs. I’d love to get wet with her as she amusingly hoses someone down with a water gun the color of her skimpy bikini. This gorgeous lady has got everyone’s attention just with her body alone. She’s a long legged, perfectly toned hot vivacious sex kitten. But I guess that’s not enough for our little Kim as she is reportedly working with producer/songwriter Terius Nash on a CD. Well, I’m one of them guys who’d definitely wait for it, then. For the meantime, I’m just gonna keep ogling on these raunchy non nude pictures of her.

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